Experience the action of playing poker in a casino with your buddies! Gov For more information, contact our Casino Services Dept. Management reserves the right to cancel or alter promotion at any time.

The Commerce Casino, the world’s largest card room, invites you to the coolest game in town that lets you bring your home poker game to the casino.

Bring Your Home Game includes free instruction, a dealer, a pit boss, cards, chips, free photo CD, and even free appetizers when you start playing. PLUS your table has a chance of hitting a jackpot worth $100,000! Perfect for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties or a just fun night out.

Casino Services can also help make dinner reservations at one of the two restaurants or arrange for hotel rooms inside the award-winning Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Please note: There is no extra cost for a home game.

All games are live cash games and all tables pay the normal casino collection for the limit you decide to play. Tables with fewer than 9 people are subject to being filled from the sign up board.

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